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Online Resources for Older Adults


Learn amore about cochlear implants, if you’re a candidate for implantation, and how to use your cochlear implant.

Friends + Family

Learn more about how you can support someone you know who has a cochlear implant.

Skills-building Techniques

Learn more about how to increase your skills to get the most out of your cochlear implant.

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CI School Toolkit

Are you and parent or teacher of a child with a CI?

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Cochlear Implant University

Are you the parent or teacher of a teen or college student with a CI?

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KDHRC is a public health research, evaluation, and communication firm located in Atlanta, Georgia. At KDHRC, we craft effective solutions to public health problems by using innovative approaches to reach specialized audiences. We partner with hearing health experts, people with cochlear implants, and national organizations to transform rigorous research into messages and programs that change behavior and improve the health and well-being of youth, families, and communities.

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